Best Standard Digital Trading Options Within the Steps You Need

Digital currencies have created a real hype in recent months above all, of course, Bitcoin. But numerous Altcoins have aroused the interest of investors and are available at many brokers and for direct purchase. Is an investment in cryptocurrencies worth it? For whom are the buying and trading of digital currencies suitable? We follow these questions and introduce different cryptocurrencies. Decide for yourself whether you want to invest in the right currency through Royal C Bank.

Cryptocurrencies Overview

There are numerous cryptocurrencies that vie for the favor of investors. These include Bitcoin Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, Dash and Bitcoin Cash and many more. Which cryptocurrency is currently among the best in terms of market capitalization? Royal C Bankintroduce some cryptocurrencies and show which the real Bitcoin competitors are.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was created as a spin-off of Bitcoin and has been available since August 2017. Meanwhile, the market capitalization has exceeded $ 39 billion. This makes Bitcoin Cash one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available on the market today. The advantage of Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin is the higher block size and higher capacity. This significantly reduces transaction times and reduces costs. Reason enough that Bitcoin Cash continues to establish itself and arouses the greed of many investors.

Best Standard Digital Trading Options Within the Steps You Need


Another cryptocurrency gaining popularity is Ripple. Market capitalization is over $ 140 million. This makes ripple one of the most important cryptocurrencies. The maximum number of coins is particularly high at Royal C Bank.


Litecoin should not be missed in this overview. He is also one of the sought after digital currencies with a market capitalization of over 12 billion USD. The origin of Litecoin goes back to a former Google employee, who wanted to produce a faster alternative to Bitcoins. The maximum limit for issuing Litecoins is 84 million. There are already more than 50 million in circulation.

Buy cryptocurrencies: Acquire and save coins directly

Many investors want to buy digital currencies directly. It is not so much about the use as a means of payment, but rather an attractive investment. Bitcoin is currently the only cryptocurrence currency that is a recognized and above all practicable means of payment in daily use. Other digital currencies are not ready yet. However, prospects can purchase and save Dash, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies. Anyone who decides to buy directly can use a crypto exchange or a crypto marketplace.