The Penis Traction Process and Your Choices Now

That man never wanted a few inches more on his buddy didn’t he? Click on this link and learn about all penile enlargement techniques ranging from surgical to non-surgical techniques.  One of them is the penis traction device and today’s post is about this apparatus that catches the attention of men but also generates many doubts in the male universe.

Ideal penis size

There is taste for everything, there are those who prefer the most advantageous, others who like the average and there are those who really like the small ones. Normally a man’s desire to enlarge his penis is more his own insecurity in bed than in fact a problem with his sexual organs.

What is penis traction device?

The penis traction device pulls the penis, ie stretches the limb, stimulating the body’s natural ability to multiply cells, which the procedure is called mitosis. This method is widely used around the world in various parts of the body, such as the neck of female giraffes, the earlobe, lips of indigenous tribes and more.

In the penis traction promotes the multiplication of cells of the internal tissue, blood vessels and skin, providing a lasting increase mainly in length but also thickness.

It is made from two plastic rings where one is attached to the base of the penis and the other to the gland and contains two aluminum rods to give the traction of the apparatus, forcing the penis. Sometimes they may come with foam for protection or some kind of rubber. Materials and anatomy may change by manufacturer.

How to use

Before using the size of the rods should be adjusted to the size of the penis when erect, but when using it is important that the organ is flaccid. The first ring must be placed at the base of the penis, securing the preputial groove and then pulling the device. It is important to always pull it down (or up) but never sideways.

Important information:

  • It is not recommended to sleep with the device or to perform sudden activities such as sports;
  • The traction used should not cause pain but be comfortable. If you feel any discomfort, stop using the extender for the next 24 hours;
  • The individual can keep their sex life active normally. However, the penis traction device should not be used for at least 6 hours before sexual intercourse;
  • The results obtained are permanent, both growth in width and length;

The Penis Traction Process and Your Choices Now

The penis traction device has no side effects when used properly. Thus, any man can use even those with medium or large penises. Just knowing where to buy penis traction devices to increase size, you get started today if you want.