Why Python Is The Most Preferred Language To Learn For Data Science?

If you are interested in building your career in any of the most challenging &  in-demand technologies then, look no further than the Data Science industry. Over the last five years, the need for Data Science for businesses across every sector has become more intense than ever before. For informed decision making, companies are largely relying on the insights extracted from the Big Data by the application of analytic models in Data Science.

The advancement in the technologies like Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning & Predictive Analytics has made Data Science as the best preferred career choice. So, in order to excel in career as a Data Scientist, it requires knowledge of more than one programming language. Aspiring Data Scientists are having many options to learn in this regard like Java, Python, Scala, MATLAB, and R.

As of now, Python is best chosen programming language by Data Science aspirants. Even companies are looking for skilled Data Scientists who are having intense knowledge of Python programming. Now let’s understand the reasons that led to the rise in the demand for Python in Data Science.

Top Reasons For Why Python Is The Best Preferred Language For Data Science

  • Easy to Learn

Python’s easy to learn nature is one among the primary reasons for its overwhelming demand. Even beginners in programming can learn to code quickly with Python. And so, Python would obviously be the first choice for working professionals who are willing to learn Data Science but are having limited time.

  • Scalability

Being highly scalable in nature unlike the other programming languages like R is another for the rise in the demand for Python. Its operations are much faster than the other programming languages like Matlab and Stata.  With knowledge of Python, Data Scientists can adopt multiple ways & be very flexible in handling any major type of analytics problem. So there’s no wonder why YouTube has migrated to this language.

Why Python Is The Most Preferred Language To Learn For Data Science

  • Choice Of Data Science Libraries

This is another such prime reasons that led to the outbreak of the demand for Python in Data Science. Python has the access to many types of Data Analysis and Data Science libraries like pandas, NumPy, SciPy, StatsModels, and scikit-learn.

If you are a Data Science career enthusiast with a minimal or no prior knowledge of programming then, opting to learn Python would be the ideal choice. Advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad by Analytics Path will help gain real-world expertise in Data Science with knowledge of Python, R, Predictive Analytics, AI, ML & Deep Learning.